Fans of the hit Netflix show have been crying out to Marvel and Disney to bring their beloved show back, and even if we are looking at it objectively, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil should be brought back to life.

Ever since fans have realized that the two-year time frame that froze Netflix-Marvel characters has run out, they are raging on the internet for the characters to return on Disney+ (Marvel’s new home).

Fans’ campaign to bring back their favorite show has been going on since 2017, but now it has picked up the pace once again. After Marvel’s failed attempt with Ben Affleck, the character made by Stan Lee and Bill Everett made the much necessary transition to the newly released Netflix in 2015.

Like Iron Man in the bigger iteration, Daredevil led an army of superheroes to set up a small universe within a larger universe and formed a separate band commonly known as The Defenders. However, despite the shows’ strong critical banking and cult-like following, Netflix cancelled it along with its spin-offs in 2018. 

Now that the two-years of time bondage obligated by Netflix is up, the impetus is with the fans.

Several actors must be credited for the support they have given to the fans. One of the actors is Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin), who has voiced his advocacy for the campaign time and time again. Even Clark Gregg, who has played a key role in the 2012 Avengers film apart from being a pivotal part of “Agents of SHIELD,” has spoken in favor of fans some time ago.

Although common sense tells us that Marvel cannot surrender in front of fans’ demands all the time, the cult following that Daredevil possesses cannot be just nonchalantly ignored. Should the character be brought back into the scheme of things at Disney+, Marvel can back themselves for a sure-shot success.

And to think that Twitter’s voice generally gets unnoticed will be just being naïve. “Save Daredevil” is a massive campaign, and the only other campaign that can compete with it in terms of theme, passion, and longevity is none other than the “Snyder Cut” campaign, which, as you might know, was quite successful.

Fans are dying to see Charlie Cox suit up again, and the fact that he will not come alone to Disney+ is what has made things pretty interesting.

The likes of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, and maybe Iron Fist have a separate fanbase, and the moment you revive Daredevil, there will be a natural demand for those characters as well.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing. All of the above-mentioned shows are good shows and especially The Punisher, which has been pitched several times as a Hollywood material.

If you have been an active user of Twitter since 2018, you would know that even Eminem was disappointed over the cancellation of The Punisher. The Punisher deserves a blog of his own, but the force is with those who want to bring back Daredevil. No one can argue that Daredevil was a bad show and its cancellation was a sign of pure arrogance from the Netflix side.

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