2020 has been a fantastic year for Microsoft’s Xbox, as the company launched its next-generation hardware, dominated Steam, and continued expansion of its Game Pass service. Though Microsoft has done a lot, it doesn’t mean that its job is over.

The company is likely to bring many games that are currently in development. Keeping aside games for a while, there is another business Microsoft is expected to keep an eye on, including things to fix and improve in 2021.

If you’re interested to know more about what new should be done by Microsoft, read along to learn more!


With Microsoft trying to grow Xbox Game Pass through cloud streaming to new regions, there has been one glaring and evident issue that could prevent the same. For the most part, the Microsoft Store is terrible for localization. The word is that the company is trying to solve the localization issue internally. Hopefully, you’ll soon be able to find more Xbox One games.

Mobile App and Sharing

Last year, Microsoft rolled out an Xbox app update for Android and iOS users. The updated app boosted the speed; however, a few features were compromised. Unfortunately, you can not browse the store anymore, keep an eye on achievements, and carry out other activities that the older version allowed you to perform.

Upgrading Project xCloud

Another thing Microsoft needs to do is upgrade Project xCloud. xCloud is one of the company’s weapons for the growth of Xbox beyond the console base. Many people prefer playing games on their smartphones rather than TV. Therefore, xCloud offers an opportunity for low-power devices, including tablets, smartphones, etc.

Fixing Quick Resume on Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox Series X and S comes with a feature named ‘Quick Resume,’ which permits you to suspend game states for quick reloading. Currently, the issue is that the feature hardly works. While most games are not compatible with the feature, the ones that do bring uncertainty.

A few months back, Microsoft informed the audience about a bug they found with Quick Resume, which they promised to fix in a post-launch update. Therefore, you’re likely to see some improvements in the near future.

Reloading Xbox Series X/S Stock

One major issue faced by the audience is the unavailability of the stock of Xbox Series X and S. Launching a new hardware product while the ongoing pandemic brought along various challenges for the company, one of which is stock issues.

Upgrading Xbox Achievements

Microsoft has seen only one real addition to the achievements: the ‘rare’ achievement pop that offers a unique sound effect and a diamond. On the other hand, Sony introduced rewards for completions and much more.

Moreover, the publishing rules for Xbox One have come up with low-quality games that offer easy achievements to maintain the interest of the player. Therefore, it’s expected that the company should consider the achievement area and introduce some real innovation.

Everyone knows that Microsoft is working on some great games to bring out this year. Apart from them, the above mentioned are some of the most important areas the company should work on to provide a great gaming experience.


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