The method to hard reset the iPhone SE introduced in 2020 is entirely different from the original one. So, you will have to make sure you are using the correct button holds and clicks.

No doubt, Apple’s iPhone SE in the year 2020 is an extremely reliable and useful device. Moreover, the power and complexities of smartphones manufactured by this leading tech giant are very close to the computer. That’s why Apple’s smartphones need a reset more often. When we reboot our device, it should enhance the devices’ performance by clearing the memory but keeping everything put in its storage safe and intact. So, your device will not take much time to return to its normal performance.

Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE is incredible in many ways. For example, it matches the processing power of A13 and the iPhone 11’s primary camera of f/1.8 12-megapixel. Besides, the iPhone SE battery lasts all day, and it is very much similar to iPhone 12 mini in shape and size. The smartphone is a powerhouse packed in tiny size but has high-quality buildup. It has an aluminum body, ambient-light feature, True Tone, and an LCD screen with P3 color. This iPhone SE of the second generation has a water resistance feature.

It can resist water almost for 30 minutes to one-meter depth when accidentally slipped in the water. However, the IP67 rating of this second-generation iPhone SE is a little bit lower than the IP68 rating of iPhone 12. So, the users should remain a bit careful while using the smartphone. Above all, it has a reliable and fast Touch ID feature that unlocks conveniently and quickly even when wearing a face mask. This low-cost product starts at $399, making it the real bargain if you want to get an introduction to the wide range of Apple products.

If you experience a significant glitch causing your iPhone SE’s screen to black, or if your phone becomes slow and unresponsive, then without any doubt, it requires a hard reset. When you think to hard reset your iPhone SE 2020, you need to bear in mind that it is the iPhone SE smartphone of second-generation, so the iPhone SE first generation’s instructions will not work with this model. You will need to click buttons and holds in a short sequence to hard reset your iPhone SE 2020.

To forced restart your second-generation smartphone,  the user will need to press the button  ‘Volume Up’ appearing on the phone’s left side and then release it quickly. At last, hold and press the sleep button appearing on the phone’s right side. While doing so, you should be careful that the logo of Apple should appear on the screen. After then, you will need to release the sleep button when your iPhone SE starts the reset process. If this method fails, then you will need to troubleshoot your smartphone.

The iPhone SE: How to Troubleshoot It?

If the iPhone  SE 2020 shows a black screen even after performing the hard reset, then your smartphone’s battery is completely drained. If your smartphone is not charged, then the iPhone will not show any charging symbol because it will also take power slightly. As a solution, you will need to plug your iPhone into its charger, allowing it to get charged. You should bear in mind that lithium batteries lose charge frequently if there is cold weather and the iPhone’s screen is set to high levels of brightness.

Also, it happens if the setting of automatic display-sleep is switched off. Once your iPhone SE 2020 is charged, you can check if the Apple logo appears on its screen or not by holding the sleep button for at least one minute again.

You will need to contact Apple if your iPhone SE’s black screen doesn’t remove or remained frozen even after you have tried to force restart it. If you have dropped your iPhone SE 2020 accidentally, even then, it will stop operating due to damages made to it. Long-term exposure to water can also damage your device, preventing it from smooth functioning. Apart from these, a malware or software glitch can also cause malfunctioning in your iPhone. In any of these cases, you should approach Apple to get the solution to get your iPhone SE to function smoothly.

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